Sunday, April 8, 2012


I wish I was the blanket
that kept you warm at night
I wish I was the gentle word
that made everything alright
I wish I was the compass
and you were my north pole
I wish I was the puzzle piece
that made your picture whole
I wish I was a soothing breeze
on a hot and sultry day
I wish I was so close to you
but I'm so far away


on a cold december morn
I numbly reach
to feel the pane
but I feel not
the cold outside
nor the bitter harsh reality
of life
the chill serves only
to spark a memory of you
when I reached out in kind
and spoke three words of love
yet none returned
just winter aire
I look outside with clouded eyes
and breathe

Friday, April 6, 2012


clouds roll across the sky
I wonder why
impressive forms
send massive shadows
across our hills
and in our eyes

some speak of peace
so gently poised
as if to coax an artist's brush
or entertain a childish mind
in games of shape
discovery and joy

some speak of war
with thunderous clash
as if to draw our fears by force
look down on us from lofty heights
detached and cold
so powerful

and to what purpose
do we drift across our heavens
casting shadows down below
do we inspire a child to dream
or hide his eyes and count to ten
cowered in a corners steep
afraid to look

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I scan the cerulean sea for signs of your passage
my confidence diminishes with each passing wave
the gulls mock my virtue and titter at my desolation
despondent, yet sanguine, I follow the sand

Monday, April 2, 2012


ancient fingers trace o'er
parchment dust
the words form shadows in his mind
a wisdom dimmed by time
flickers life anew
reborn by the whisper of their thought

Sunday, April 1, 2012

baby blue

daddy's going to sleep tonight
my baby blue don't cry, don't cry
you know I'll always stay with you
my baby blue, my baby blue
a gentle breeze to dry a tear
a pretty song, no birds are near
you've filled my heart with love and pride
I'll take it with me to the other side
smile baby blue, I'll be alright
your daddy's going to sleep tonight

like honey

images dribble from her lips
like honey
spreading across my mind
shading my reason
and her gaze
as orange petals fall
drift in a scent of magnolias
and rake my body
as a combine rapes the earth
to plant a seed